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About Us

I am the owner and operator Gordon Tarrant

I am the owner and operator Gordon Tarrant

We are an excavation company in the parkland area. We also offer certified home inspections We have been in business since 2010 and have built our business up with quality work with reasonable prices and timely completion. We are Government certified septic system installer offering many different varieties of systems which can accommodate many different types of soils and water tables and sizes of family homes. Types of systems we install are infiltrator tubes, stone mounds, leach fields, sand mounds, also we install and maintain the waterloo advanced treatment cedar shed systems which can be installed on as little as one acre of property conventional systems need minimum of two acres. The system has been developed at the university of water loo. The systems we have installed in the parkland area are performing very well in our cold climate. Advantages of this system is a smaller foot print of septic field perform second to none in high water tables. Any maintenance or repairs require no excavation. Tank only has to be pumped every three to five years. Government regulations require certified installer to do yearly maintenance and cleaning. The cost of yearly maintenance is less than pumping your tank also piece of mind knowing exactly how your septic is performing.

Other Services We Offer

Weeping tile installation and basement water proofing

Sump pit installation

Concrete cutting and jack hammering

Wide variety of earth augers

Screw pile installation

Basement wall replacements


Water line installations

Mini excavator with attachments

Mid size excavators for larger and deeper jobs


Gravel truck

Top soils